Good Vibrations

By Shawn M. Carlin

As a former college athlete, it goes without saying that I enjoy sports.  What has always drawn me to sports(beyond the thrill of victory) and games in general is the fact that nearly every game has a specific set of rules, guidelines or strategies to follow in order to maximize your success.  The more you comprehend the rules and develop a strategy, the more effectively you can apply the rules to your favor and the more success you will find in the game. 

My wife and I recently watched the Netflix series, Queen's Gambit.  I was in awe of the level of strategic mastery displayed by the best chess players in the world.  Beth Harmon, the main character, would obsessively rehearse complex chess strategies in her head, in bed,  to gain the advantage on her competition.  She could see the game play out well before it happened.  Beth could see strategies in a way others could not, allowing her a competitive advantage and making...

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