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I help high performers break free from limitations by removing the barriers in the subconscious mind, opening the door to unlimited possibility and potential.  

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About Shawn

Mindset and High Performance Coach and founder of the Horse Empowered™ Program. 

Shawn's journey into mindset and human potential began in 2003, during a fateful trip to a small dude ranch in Colorado.  Shawn hit rock bottom in his life, struggling with a bad relationship and a job that left him empty and a life that was lacking purpose.  It is in those dark moments that the light of hope often reveals itself.  While visiting a dude ranch in Colorado, Shawn unexpectedly experienced a life transformation from one of the least likely mentors...  a horse.  

What happened that day unleashed a passion, purpose and a potential that he has been pursuing the past 25 years.  

Foundational to Shawn's programs is the idea that our thoughts and beliefs have the power to shape our reality.  Mindset is often discussed, but vaguely understood.  In order to create the life you desire, you have to start internally, with your thoughts; your belief system.  If you are not creating what you desire in your life, there is a good chance, a limiting belief in your subconscious mind is what is holding you back.

Shawn has created unique and effective programs that meet at the intersection of personal development, psychology, spiritual growth and neuroscience.   

His empowering training and coaching programs are focused on serving those he engages to find complete freedom, fulfillment and happiness in all areas of life by removing the constraints of the mind to help others get out of their own way.     


Shawn will help you break free of the limitation of your mind by removing the barriers that exist in the subconscious mind... opening the door to a life of unlimited possibility and potential.     

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Go from purpose-less to purpose-driven. From free ebooks, online training programs to high performance and mindset coaching, I can help you no matter where you are in your journey.

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High Performance Coaching

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Renee Z.

"Are you lost? Missing something? Not sure who you are? Or are you like me, trying to figure things out after your life was turned upside down? Please, take the chance, let Shawn be your person. My life is better because of Shawn"

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Kirsten N.

"We have worked with Shawn and his crew numerous times. The staff are wonderful, and very insightful. They helped some very nervous people peek into the potential that they had secreted away from themselves. Several described the day as 'life changing', 'inspirational', 'impossible to describe, but soul shifting'."

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