The "Success Mindset"

mindset success Jan 17, 2021

 Welcome to the launch of my new blog, “The Success Mindset”    

My name is Shawn Carlin, sales professional, husband, father of two beautiful daughters and two phenomenal step-sons.  For those of you familiar with me, beyond my 23 years in the financial services business, know that I have a deep-seeded interest in personal/professional development and the drivers of human potential.  

In my career as a sales executive, I have had the pleasure of conducting over 15,000 face-to-face meetings and seminars.  I have learned something from each and every one.  It was approximately meeting 1720, I started to become curious, maybe even obsessed,  about the specific elements of success.  I started seeing subtle distinctions the more I observed and developed a deeper curiosity.  

Why does one person experience wild success and happiness with seemingly little effort while the other seems to be in continual...

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