Lombardi Knows Mindset

Being in the heart of the NFL playoffs, I'm proud to say I am a Packer fan, thru and thru. Admittedly, there was a (brief) period in my early childhood where I was captivated by the silver and blue of the Dallas Cowboys and preferred a pass from Danny White to Drew Pearson or Tony Hill rather than the less than "chic" green and gold uniforms and a less than stellar record of the Pack in the 80s (I just really dated myself). However, it was Don "Majik" Majkowski that lit the home team flame and my home team allegiances, and it has been one heck of a cheese head ride ever since.  

Over the last 20 years, as I have immersed myself in personal and professional development, I couldn't help but have a fascination with studying some of history's greatest leaders. Being a Packers fan, naturally, I was curious about the coach that achieved more success in less time than any other coach in NFL history. In nine seasons, Vince Lombardi won five NFL championships,...

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