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The "Success Mindset"

mindset success Jan 17, 2021

 Welcome to the launch of my new blog, “The Success Mindset”    

My name is Shawn Carlin, sales professional, husband, father of two beautiful daughters and two phenomenal step-sons.  For those of you familiar with me, beyond my 23 years in the financial services business, know that I have a deep-seeded interest in personal/professional development and the drivers of human potential.  

In my career as a sales executive, I have had the pleasure of conducting over 15,000 face-to-face meetings and seminars.  I have learned something from each and every one.  It was approximately meeting 1720, I started to become curious, maybe even obsessed,  about the specific elements of success.  I started seeing subtle distinctions the more I observed and developed a deeper curiosity.  

Why does one person experience wild success and happiness with seemingly little effort while the other seems to be in continual conflict, stress and struggles to breakthrough to the next level of potential? 

 I spend much of my "free time" outside of my professional work,  immersed in literature, coaching and trainings (ok, I am a bit of a nerd) looking for the answers to this and other topics relating to high performance and human potential.  I have studied and been mentored and coached by some of the industry's leading coaches, trainers and thought leaders in personal and professional development, productivity, influence, leadership, neuroscience and mindset in effort to discover the key factors that lead to success and happiness.     

 Why, you ask?  It began in an effort to be the best version of myself for my family and my career.  I wanted to learn what makes the most successful people on the planet… successful.  I want to discover what makes the happiest people on earth… happy.  

The purpose of this blog is to have some fun in 2021 and share my insights along with the insights I have gleaned from the many professionals, coaches and thought leaders I have had the fortune to learn from and collaborate with. 

There is one critically important concept I learned years ago, from a mentor,  that changed the trajectory of my life.  I have since discovered that this concept is also been scientifically proven to be true and is critical to true success and happiness. 

 Success in life is 80% Mindset and 20% Strategy.

I spent a good part of my life practicing this backwards.  I was constantly looking for the next strategy, idea, tactic or training that would provide me with the new “key” I needed to find success and happiness.  I was focused 100% on strategy.  A new process, technique, program or program, all providing similar results.  I learned that strategy is rendered useless, eventually,  if the right mindset foundation wasn’t there.  Sure, I had success a long the way, but it was always a struggle, a grind. I always felt like I was paddling upstream.  I knew it didn't need to be this hard.  

Mindset is often discussed, but little understood.  It has almost become cliche in the way it is discussed and practiced.  Until I understood the impact of this simple, but not easy concept and importantly, how to influence it, it didn’t matter how high I set my goals, if my "pre-installed" beliefs were set in opposition.   I began to understand the concept of "mind over matter."  

 My intention with this blog is to focus 80% of my content on “mindset success” and 20% of my content on “strategy success” Both are critically important, but mindset is often and easily overlooked.  I will share my thoughts and perspectives, along with views from other professionals, in hopes that I can “shorten the curve” for you on your journey to be the best version of yourself, personally and professionally.

We're going to go beyond the simple idea of "positivity" and dive into the cutting edge brain altering ideas converging at the intersection of psychology, neurology, persuasion, quantum physics, influence, personal development and a dose of spirituality (I told you I was a bit of a nerd with this stuff).    

 One of my favorite quotes from Marcel Proust, summarizes the importance of a new perspective.  

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."  

Your next level of success is only a new perspective away.  

Who is this blog resonate with?  

If you are a seasoned sales professional, manager, c-suite executive or entrepreneur and consider yourself a “High Performer,” and continually want to improve in life and career…you are in the right spot.  

 If you have achieved a certain level of success in your career but just can’t seem to get to the next level and seek some new ideas and perspectives…there is something here for you.  

 If you feel stuck or frustrated,  like you are trading “time for money” and feel like there must be more meaning and fulfillment in what you are doing, but just can’t seem to find it… these ideas will bring some clarity to your situation.  

 If you are new to your career and aren’t afraid to invest in yourself to get a competitive edge… welcome to the next level.   

 Let's have some fun with this!

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Please feel free to share your own thoughts and wisdom on my social media page.   I look forward to helping you create a paradigm shift in your mindset and strategy to help you breakthrough to a new level of success, in whatever you do!   

 With gratitude and success, 

 Shawn M Carlin


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