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Good Vibrations

awareness communication energy frequency law of vibration life success shawn m carlin universal laws Feb 15, 2021

By Shawn M. Carlin

"I picking up good vibrations.... she's giving me excitations."

The song "Good Vibrations" by The Beach Boys, albeit simplistic lyrically, had some hidden wisdom relating to the laws of life and success. Who knew?

As a former college athlete(Go UW Badgers!), it goes without saying that I enjoy sports. What has always drawn me to sports/games, beyond the thrill of competition is the fact that nearly every game has a specific set of rules, guidelines or strategies to follow in order to maximize your success. The more you comprehend the rules and develop a strategy, the more effectively you can apply the rules to your favor and the more success you will find in the game. 

My wife and I recently watched the Netflix series, Queen's Gambit. I was in awe of the level of strategic mastery displayed by the best chess players in the world. Beth Harmon, the main character, would obsessively rehearse complex chess strategies in her head, in bed, to gain the advantage on her competition. She could see the game play out well before it happened. Beth could see strategies in a way others could not, allowing her a competitive advantage and making her the best in the world at the game of chess. 

As a personal interest, I have spent the last 20 years studying human potential and have come to an understanding that there are rules and strategies to life you can follow in order to maximize your success or flow in life. Conversely, ignore the rules or fail to understand the strategy, and life may feel more like an "uphill" challenge.  

The Rules of Life or Universal Laws

There are human-made laws like paying taxes, protection of property, speed limits, paying your rent, that all have consequences if you don’t adhere. Deny paying your taxes and you will likely face hefty fines and possible jail time.  

There are physical laws such a the law of gravity that most certainly have consequences if you don’t adhere. Try jumping off the top of a fence and you will most certainly fall to the ground. The law of gravity asserts you will never go up.  

In life, there exists a series of universal laws that govern our very way of being in the world. In essence, these universal laws are like a guide to the game of life. To win in the game of life, you need to understand how to play by these universal rules.  The ultra successful understand the importance of universal laws and leverage these laws to their advantage.

Disclosure: This topic might seem a little "woo" but really it's just based on proven science. Stay with me, this is where the Beach Boys come in ;) 

One of the most fundamental and important universal laws is the law of vibration. The law of vibration states that everything is in motion, nothing rests. We live in an ocean of vibrational motion. If you were to look under a microscope, all matter consists of atoms. Atoms consist of neutrons, protons and electrons that are constantly in motion. 99.9% of the mass of an atom consists of empty space or nothing! Yet, stack a bunch of nothing together and you get everything. Everything thing you see consists of pure energy moving at a specific frequency or wavelength. The concept of vibration and frequency is vitally important to grasp if you want to take control and direct of any aspect of your life.  Just ask Nikola Tesla...

 “If you want to know the secrets of the Universe, you have to think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” -Nikola Tesla

The most important concept to understand in applying the law of vibration is the idea that, like energy attracts like energy 

Our thoughts and feelings emit a specific frequency. You are a vibrating tower. You are in the business of communicating with clients. You determine your vibrational frequency by what you think and feel. Your thoughts create emotions or feelings, which send a vibrational signature out to the world. In essence, your emotions are energy in motion We can't physically see these frequencies, but they can be measured. One basic example of this would an EEG, which measures brain wave activity.  Just because we can't visually see the vibrations we emit, doesn't mean they are not there. The human race was once a far more intuitive species and we were more in tune with our ability to pick up on these frequencies(heightened senses meant survival when large predators were on the prowl). Unfortunately, over time(and the fact we don't generally have predators hunting us down) we have been desensitized and taught to ignore our intuition and depend more on the words we hear.  

However, it is likely that your ability to pick up on vibration or frequency is not as absent as you might think. Have you ever had an introductory meeting with a prospective client and immediately clicked? It seemed as if you had known this person for your entire life? Perhaps this person had a good vibe? This is an example of someone emitting a level of vibration that was congruent with your vibration level. The Beach Boys were tuned into this :).

On the flip side, have you ever been in a social situation in which you met someone and immediately had a “gut feeling” that something was off with this person and you stayed far away? You were picking up on their low level frequency and you wanted nothing to do with it. You were experiencing the feeling of vibrational frequency.   

What "VIBE" are you sending out to your clients?

Your clients are picking up on what you are "not" saying. What you are vibrating out to the world is what you attract back into your life. If you are stuck in a constant state of negativity, lack of confidence, anxiety or scarcity(even at a subconscious level), you are vibrating at a very low frequency and will attract a like frequency into your business. It is the reason you tend to see people who struggle in life tend to remain in a state of struggle. The same thoughts create the same emotions which create the same low frequency vibrations. Simply put, "misery loves company."  

If you are in a state of compassion, confidence, gratitude, generosity, and abundance you are resonating at the highest level of frequency and you can expect to attract more of this into your life. This is why the uber successful seem to compound success. The outside world may chalk it up to luck, but these people understand how to think differently.

Are you in the business of communicating with people?  

Research shows that 80-90% of human communication is non-verbal.  What you are "not saying" is critically important to your success in a client facing profession.

What is your personal frequency? What "vibe" are you giving to your clients, your employees, spouse or children? 

Many will argue with me on this statement, but I believe that life knows what it is doing and always has your back(even when it doesn't seem like it). Life is an intelligent system designed to create an experience that is in perfect alignment with your level of frequency(your thoughts and emotions). Tune in or risk getting tuned out!!

Successful entrepreneurs and business people who know how to create continuous breakthroughs understand the law of vibration and how to create a continuous flow of success. They understand the rules of the game and apply them effectively to create a life of success, happiness and fulfillment.  

Share! What do you do to raise your frequency level? Do you have a morning routine to get your day started in the right frequency? 

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With happiness & success,

Shawn M. Carlin




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