About Shawn M Carlin

Shawn M Carlin - High Performance Coach and Founder of the Horse Empowered Programs

Thoughtful, insightful and charismatic, Shawn M Carlin has been sharing his experience and insights with individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners for more than 22 years.  

 Shawn has worked in the investment management industry his entire career as a consultant, speaker and trainer to the nations largest financial services providers.  His focus, industry expertise and dedication to serving his clients made Shawn a perennial top performer in his company.  

 With a passion for learning and an enthusiasm for personal growth and professional development, Shawn has spent a majority of his career studying and applying the principles of leadership development, personal growth, psychology, influence and productivity. Shawn has a relentless pursuit of wanting to understand the fundamentals of human behavior and specifically the factors that drive transformational growth, success and fulfillment in all areas of life.

 Dedicated to mastering his craft, Shawn has spent considerable time with some of the industries very best personal and professional growth instructors and is a Certified High Performance Coach. In addition, he has pioneered his own unique coaching programs for personal and professional growth and leadership development based off his own research and unique experience.

 What truly separates Shawn as a coach and consultant is his unique approach that incorporates his love and knowledge of horses. He didn’t grow up with horses, but was fortunate to have an experience with horses in his twenties that would change the course of his life… forever. Shawn learned horses had far more to teach humans that humans could ever teach a horse. He teaches that everything about horses and how we lead our lives is aligned.  Both require an awareness of how we influence the outcomes we seek.  His unique programs are rooted in the idea that “nothing can tell you more about the inside of a person, than the outside of a horse.”

Now, as a skilled horseman, certified Equine Guided Education instructor, and certified High Performance Coach, Shawn is the creator and founder of the Horse Empowered Program that incorporates horses into a unique experiential learning opportunity for individuals and corporate groups that want to bring their lives and their business to the next level of success. He has had to privilege to deliver his equine guided programs with individuals from Edward Jones Investments, TDS Telecom, Gilda’s Club, LPL and Woodbury Financial.

 Shawn’s mission today is simple; to wake up every day with the intent to serve.   Shawn wants to help every person he encounters break through to new levels of confidence, connection and communication in order to enjoy the highest levels of fulfillment in life, emotionally, physically and spiritually.


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