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Shawn M. Carlin's Horse Empowered programs will take you to new heights in your life and your leadership. Lead your horse, empower your life!

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Horse Empowered™

Elevate your life and level of leadership to new heights with Shawn M. Carlin's Horse Empowered programs. Get started here!

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My Story

Shawn M Carlin - High Performance Coach, Certified Equine Guided Education Instructor and Founder of the Horse Empowered™ Programs.

Thoughtful, insightful and charismatic, Shawn M Carlin has been sharing his experience and insights with individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners for more than 22 years...

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My Philosophy

I have spent the better part of the past 20 years with a focus and passion for two things; horses and human potential.  Foundational to my work and teachings is that "It's not about the horse."  My journey with the horse is somewhat unorthodox.  I didn't grow up with horses, in fact it wasn't until my mid-twenties that I was introduced to horses and you could say my life hasn't been the same since.  I was at a very low period of my life, when fate led me to a small ranch in Colorado where I would learn a fundamental and transformative lesson.  I discovered that horses had more to teach me beyond the basic enjoyment of a trail ride.  I wasn't there to just ride, I was there to heal, learn, discover and to grow.  That fateful ranch visit was what brought my two passions together into my life's mission and purpose.

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Kirsten N.

Program Director, Gilda's Club- Madison, WI

"We have worked with Shawn and his crew numerous times. The staff are wonderful, and very insightful. They helped some very nervous people peek into the potential that they had secreted away from themselves. Several described the day as "life changing", "inspirational", "impossible to describe, but soul shifting".
The facilitators were patient, and their inquiry inspired reflection on a deep level. For many of our participants, they still use that event as an anchor for change."

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Renee Z.

A Courageous Survivor

"Hello. My name is Renee. I was diagnosed with stage 3 invasive malignant melanoma Mother's Day weekend 2016. After surgery, I went thru 8 months of chemotherapy. Finally completed in April of 2017, (2 weeks before my 40th birthday.)

I found myself depressed, anxious, lonely and unable to move forward in my "new life." I saw a sign up for guided equine growth at Gildas Club where I go for my support. Some of my group mates had gone to a previous session and told me it was "the most profound experience of their lives". Well, what did I have to loose? Nothing.... What did I know about horses? They are big. Ha! It sounded crazy and intriguing at the same time. Thinking about suicide, and wasting my 2nd chance at life wasn't working. Being diagnosed with post traumatic stress, I really needed to take a leap of faith that "this" could work. I signed up and went with an open mind.

The day came and I was so nervous to open my heart and see the pain. Shawn introduced himself and Jazz (the horse) He explained how equine guided personal growth works. Right away I felt at ease with Shawn. I took a chance and let Jazz be my guide. As I lead her around she was kind, gentle, and reacted to my pain. When I would cry, she put her nose into my chest and comforted me. Never once did she judge me. Shawn was right there asking questions, challenging me, supporting me and helping me open my heart. Emotions were flowing and before I knew it, time was up.

I left crying all the way home and could not figure out how a horse helped me. I still can't explain it. But it was something I HAD to do more of because it felt good and right. It was the most profound experience in my life. Finally, I had the answer to dealing with my pain, picking up the pieces, moving forward, living again and being the mother and wife my family was missing.

There are people who come into your life and you KNOW they are right and good. That they are there to help you. That they are placed on your path to teach you how to live the life you were meant to live. That person is Shawn. What he is doing is amazing. Clearly, Shawn IS doing his hearts work and in my opinion and beliefs, Gods work.

Are you lost? Missing something? Not sure who you are? Or are you like me, trying to figure things out after your life was turned upside down? Please, take the chance, let Shawn be your person. My life is better because of Shawn and my 1000 pound best friend Jazz."

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