Horse Smarts OR Horse Sense?

What is more important to have when partnering with your horse, horse smarts or horse sense?  Put another way, is it more important to have intelligence or trust?  Perhaps both? 

A "human" study was conducted by Amy Cuddy, psychologist at the Harvard Business School, on the topic of first impressions.  She found that in human interactions, upon first impressions, people answer two primary questions:

*  Can I trust this person?

* Can I respect this person's capabilities?

Cuddy found that 80% to 90% of the first impression is based on these two important traits.  Interestingly, the research shows that trust is the most important factor.  All too often, it seems there is a premium placed on the importance of competence, IQ or intelligence.  Cuddy's research shows that in order for competence to matter, people must have a level of trust.  In addition, if there is no trust, competence actually works against you. 

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