Truth Teller

Written by Shawn Carlin, Horse Empowered

Some of my most favorite times are times spent with my horse.  Don't get me wrong, I love my time with my wife, my children, my family, my dogs, but there is something special about the moments I have had when it's just me and my horse.  Why you ask?  It is in these moments when I have been most connected to the truth. 

Being "authentic" has become a buzz word in today's society.  It is "en vogue" for sure.  You can't go to a yoga class, read a book on personal development,  go to a leadership seminar or even many horsemanship workshops,  without hearing the word authentic.  The reality, or maybe the irony of this is that being "authentic" or "real" has never been a more challenging thing to do in our society.  Our reality has never been more fabricated or packaged than it is today.  Never, have we been in a time where projecting the best version of ourselves to millions through social...

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