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Which Wolf Will You Feed?

Nov 23, 2021

There is an old Cherokee legend that has always been one of my favorite reminders of the importance of mindset and its ability to shape our lives. This parable was told from a wise Cherokee elder to his grandson.

"We each have two wolves inside of us battling for dominance.
The dark wolf represents anger, greed, jealousy, regret, arrogance and superiority and ego.
The other is the white wolf, which represents all that is good. She is joy, #kindness#courage#compassion, love, hope, humility, generosity, gratitude and faith."
"The same fight is going on within you and everyone else," explained the wise elder.
"Which one will win?" asked the grandson curiously.

"Whichever one you feed," said the wise elder.

I love the power and simplicity of this parable. The interesting thing is our dark wolf is actually trying to protect us(in an awkward kind of way). The ego in you continually tries to convince you that you are not good enough, you are not ready for this or you don't have what it takes so that you don't take action in order to avoid failure. Ego tries to keep you safe and comfortable. You avoid the possibility of failure and the potential feelings that come along with failure.
Ego keeps you from growing. Ego makes you feel stagnant, and stuck.  The dark wolf will be there saying things like, "Don't do it, you will likely fail" or "You are not good enough or smart enough to do that."   At the same time, your white wolf will be there in a quieter, more subtle voice, gently encouraging you saying things like, "You are worthy, have faith, trust in yourself, you are courageous."    

The ego doesn't like uncertainty or the unknown and tries to avoid it at all cost. Why? Because change doesn't always feel good.

There is no YOU that can't do whatever it is that you want or desire.  There are only thoughts, feelings and beliefs that try to stop you.  That "thing" that inspires you deep inside your core is what you are ready for NOW.  Anything else is just a narrative you and your dark wolf have been repeating in your head that is stopping you.  Don't feed your dark wolf.  

The reality is that EVERYTHING you want is found within the unknown. You just have to have the courage to take the step forward. Feed your white wolf.

Which wolf are you feeding?

With gratitude,
Shawn M. Carlin
#mindset #wisdom #leadership


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