The Power of Decision

Uncategorized Mar 07, 2021

In the Mindset Success blog #2, I shared some thoughts on the important role your belief system plays in determining the outcomes you create in your life. 

"Our beliefs determine our thoughts, which produce feelings/emotions which motivate actions which create the results. This can be a vicious cycle if the beliefs are not in alignment with what we truly want to create. It can be fantastically beautiful and effortless when they are in alignment."

So, if beliefs have the ability to determine our results, and limiting beliefs are preventing us from living the life we want to have, the $1M question then becomes, "How do I change my beliefs?" 

There is no shortage of material in the personal and professional development world that helps you realize there is a blockage or challenge keeping you from what you desire, but very little that helps create a lasting change or transformation.  If it were as easy as just "thinking positive thoughts" everyone would do it.  Discussing mindset has become somewhat commonplace, in fact, some might say the topic is over used.  Creating breakthrough levels of success by transforming your mindset thus transforming your life, takes a focus and commitment that is fairly simple, but not easy to do.  This is why so many people continue to live a life full of stress, anxiety and general lack of fulfillment and just don't know how to pull themselves out.    

The 2 millimeter distinction...

How do you change a belief that you know doesn't serve you well and a belief that you have so much supporting evidence?   It has to be the truth, right? 

It's important to realize the only reason you have so much supporting evidence is because you have been caught in the *5 primary drivers ( 5 Primary Drivers )

You BELIEVE it, so it's exactly what you are going THINK, how you are going to FEEL, how you are going ACT and eventually what you PRODUCE in your life.  

However, there is a 2mm distinction that makes all the difference when you are trying to change the never-ending feedback loop of your limiting beliefs, and it makes all the difference in creating mindset success. 

Beliefs Are A Decision (Mic drop!) 

Let's look at an example.  Let's say you are a Financial Advisor and you would like to grow your practice around ultra high net worth clients.  In your mind, you have a limited belief that says "I am not not qualified  enough to be able to work with these types of clients." 

It's not just that you believe that you are not qualified enough to work with the type of client, but you decided that you are not qualified enough to work with this type of client.  

You decide... I don't have the knowledge or expertise to add value to that segment of the market.  

You decide... money is hard to come by.

You decide... I am not worth the fee that I am charging my clients, I should discount my fees.

You decide... I have to work 60 hrs a week or I won't be successful.  

You decide... I don't have the time to get that professional designation. 

Now, it's not just our beliefs that dictate our destiny but our decisions.  The beautiful thing about this is although it's challenging to change our beliefs, it is not that difficult to make a new decision.  You do this everyday!

Decisions are a part of your everyday life.  You decided you wanted to get in shape.  You decided to purchase a new exercise bike.  You decided to commit yourself to working out 5 days a week.  You decided that you no longer wanted to feel lethargic and out of shape and you did something about it.  

What limiting beliefs are keeping you from having the life and the business you have always wanted?  Listen to what is holding you back and make a NEW DECISION.  

Old belief:  "I am not qualified enough to work with high net worth clients." 

New belief:  "I deliver incredible value to my clients.  Any prospective client would be fortunate to work with me and my team." 

Can you feel the difference?  Can you make a new decision to stop limiting yourself by the old thoughts that have been occupying your mind for too long?  

DECIDE on SUCCESS.  DECIDE on HAPPINESS.  Such a small distinction can make a huge difference.  

In my next blog, I want to discuss the amazing thing that happens in the brain when you make a new decision.  This is where the magic happens!   

With success & happiness,

Shawn M Carlin

 **The 5 Primary Drivers is a concept adapted from David Bayer, one of my coaching mentors and creator of the MindHack program.  Shawn is a certified coach through David Bayer's facilitators program.  

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